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December 2003 - Posts

30 December 2003
Fundamental Types of Programmers
Dino Esposito posted this blog that reminded me of something that Shannon blogged about here . Dino received a great (albeit short) response that i 100% agree with. there is also another comment that brings up a great point: how to debug declarative code statements? it's a very valid point, and one that... Read More...
30 December 2003
Check out this little dandy ...i've been staring at it for about 20 minutes trying to figure out how it works. Read More...
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29 December 2003
First Takes on System.Xml v 2.0
i recently purchased “A First Look at ADO.NET and System.Xml v2.0” and have finally had some time to start wading through it. it would appear that finally something i have wanted to happen with XML and .Net is going to be implemented in this release, namely that XML will be a fully supported... Read More...
28 December 2003
.Net String Stuff
this article is a continuation of an earlier post after gorging myself over the holidays, i got to thinking about the .Net framework handles string types (what goes better w/ turkey than thinking about code?). there is a tool located here that i sometimes use to profile libraries i write/hijack for performance... Read More...
22 December 2003
MS Request from Linux Users
Now this is certainly an interesting article . I will refrain from commenting until i can formulate somewhat of an unbiased opinion. Read More...
21 December 2003
VS.NET Project File Tips and Tricks
This post reminded me of a system i came up w/ a while back to make managing projects a bit simpler from an administrative standpoint (indeed, exactly what is mentioned in the post). when you add projects to a .net solution, the path to that project (if it's non FPSE web apps and all others) is... Read More...
19 December 2003
Letter to the CEO of Lindows
i wrote this letter to the CEO of Lindows back when the idea was first incepted as a Windows desktop replacement (this letter is circa april of 2002). while i applauded what they were trying to accomplish at the time (completely erradicating MS from the desktop...or perhaps providing some true competition... Read More...
18 December 2003
It was Only a Matter of Time
I am sure we all saw it coming ...Real has finally decided to take on uncle bill and the boys in redmond. while i may not agree with microsoft's alleged actions, history may bear repeating itself (ala netscape, sun, etc). i will be following this with a sharp eye. Read More...
16 December 2003
Great Article About the .NET GC (Garbage Collector)
have a look at this article for more than you ever wanted to know about .NET GC. Read More...
16 December 2003
.Text - take two
i have been wrestling with trying to get the source version of .Text to run for the last 2 hours and have hit a roadblock. here is a description of what i am running into, basically that no content was showing up when i compile and run from VS.NET, even though it's pointed to the same DB that my production... Read More...
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