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January 2004 - Posts

25 January 2004
Welcome to the Blogosphere Orion!
i recently set up a blog for my friend orion and wanted to make an introduction for him. i met him about 4 years ago through a news forum discussing windows xp back when it was still just known as whistler. he's a computer science graduate from uncg down here in nc, and while i've only met him twice... Read More...
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25 January 2004
Incredible Commercial (Honda's Cog Spot)
This is one of the coolest 2 minutes of video i have ever come across. It's actually a bit dated (came out about a year ago). It's a short spot for honda that features a virtually impossible scene using only parts from a honda car (no animation, no strings, 100% real, and the final cut is all... Read More...
22 January 2004
A Closer Look at the Language Formerly Known as X# (Xen)
With the hype growing to a feverish pitch about the public announcement of Xen , i thought i would share some insight into the knowledge i've had of the language for almost a year and a half. i'm still under orders not to post the video demonstration i have back to my blog (not because the subject matter... Read More...
16 January 2004
Cup o' Joe - Martian Style
Now this is certainly interesting . Not that i would expect any type of government outfit to use anything from microsoft, but i certainly wouldn't have guessed java to be behind the scenes on beagle. want to take it for a virtual spin ? it brings up an interesting point though, i remember reading (Wrox... Read More...
15 January 2004
HttpHandler Custom ISAPI Extension Mapping
one of the great things about IIS on windows is the pluggable architecture for supplying your own http handlers to intercept page requests from your web server...if you wanted to, you could write your own parsing routines from the ground up and implement them as an ISAPI filter, then map page extensions... Read More...
13 January 2004
Sacked by Microsoft on XSharp
sadly i've been asked by Microsoft (the speaker in the X# video no less) to remove the link to the presentation on X# delivered by Chris Lovett . i could have sworn i snagged it from ms research , but i trust his word more than my cluttered brain. here is the email i received: How did you get this? Actually... Read More...
02 January 2004
Role Fragmentation in IT
I came across this article moseying around the web, it brings up some great points as to the evolution of the corporate IT department and how it has evolved (opinionated of course). i'm not saying i agree or disagree, just something else to digest :-) Read More...