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February 2004 - Posts

12 February 2004
The Face of Bio-Chemistry is Forever Changed
What a wonderful day for science! The New York Times article is much better, however you have to register first. We all knew it was coming, we just didn't know from where. I personally think it's a monumental step forward and research like this could vastly improve our standard of living, so long as... Read More...
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10 February 2004
Ripped Off by eBay
it's been a while since i've posted a blog, i know...60 hour weeks really get to you after a while. i love technology and all, but sometimes enough is own dog doesn't even recognize me when i get home from work anymore. it's pretty rare that i get wriled up by the way a company chooses to... Read More...
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02 February 2004
SQL Server Memory Management
have a look at this article for more than you ever wanted to know about how SQL Server manages memory. Read More...