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March 2004 - Posts

31 March 2004
Microsoft Progress Report: Security
Executive update on security initiative at Microsoft ( corresponding CNET article here , counter argument here ). Thanks Bill! Read More...
31 March 2004
File Sharing Legal?
It could be soon (in Canada at least) . Hopefully America will wake up and smell the mp3's soon. My favorite paragraph from the story: “The regulators cited a long-standing rule in Canada, in which most copying for personal use was allowed. To repay artists and record labels for revenue lost by... Read More...
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28 March 2004
New MSDN TV Episode -- Data with ASP.NET in Visual Studio 2005
The new MSDN TV presentation is definitely worth taking a look at. The first you thing you will notice is that the format has changed (the demo runs embedded into IE), this is probably why we haven't had a new MSDN TV in about a month, and unintuitively there is an installer that configures the presentation... Read More...
25 March 2004
Bug Squasher's Heaven (or Hell)
This sounds a bit like the process we use at work (though we certainly don't mean to). Read More...
24 March 2004
ASP.NET Performance Tuning/Analysis
A role at my workplace that I've noticed a huge need for is one of a performance architect/analyst, which is a role I have been attempting to play a more active part in. By the very nature of the .Net framework and how much work it does for us, I think many of us throw performance considerations by the... Read More...
11 March 2004
The Peril's of Self Hosting
I host my own web server/database server in house (if anyone is interested, it's an AMD K6-II running at around 450Mhz w/ the wind behind its back, 256 Mb RAM, powered by Win2k3 --> runs great despite MS minimal HW req's; I reboot about once a month), but I moved last week and couldn't get internet... Read More...
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01 March 2004
Compendium of Interesting QA's on Why Some of us Became Developers
I've stumbled across a few of these on the web over the last week or two and decided to compile them into a post. I can relate to these whole heartedly. If anyone has any additions, feel free to send them in: Q: What is your advice to someone contemplating a career in the computer industry today? A:... Read More...