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April 2004 - Posts

27 April 2004
A Java Developer's Thoughts on Microsoft
I stumbled across this article written by a Java developer about his thoughts on Microsoft. As usual, I will refrain from commenting on this subject (flames aren't my cup of tea). Read More...
14 April 2004
Finally Got Rid of that Pesky Job Thingie
That's right...laid off, and just in time for summer (christ I need a vacation, last one was almost 3 years ago...and no, long weekends don't count)! Getting up in the morning was getting to be such a pain in the ass, good riddence I say! This will give me some time to catch up on all the Odd Todd movies... Read More...
08 April 2004
Google Gmail Information (Yes, It's Real)
I've been itching to post about gmail, but didn't want egg on my face about it being some sort of long drawn out April fool's prank. My initial concern with gmail was “how on earth can it be cost effective to offer a gig of email storage to every subscriber?” Well, apparently it's quite cost... Read More...
01 April 2004
SQL Query Analyzer -- Number of Undo Buffers
Visual Studio .NET has really spoiled me by allowing an insane amount of Ctrl Z's to be stored in memory (I haven't actually counted how many, but it's enough so that if I really f*ck up, I can usually Ctrl Z my way back to sanity). SQL Query Analyzer maxes out at 20, or so the message box tells me when... Read More...
01 April 2004
Software Engineering, Not Computer Science [Article]
Read the paper here.
01 April 2004
MS Developer Community Growing Impatient
It looks like everything isn't all roses concerning the ever slipping ship date of Whidbey, along with tying framework versions to IDE's. Plus, where are our service packs? Read the posts here , here , and here . Some excellent points are made. Read More...