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May 2004 - Posts

29 May 2004
Executing a DTS Package From .NET
A discussion between some peers of mine came up the other day about executing a SQL Server DTS package from an ASP.NET web page. The actual best practice is to invoke a stored procedure that in turn calls the DTS package you wish to run, however thanks to the simplicity of creating a RCW (runtime callable... Read More...
20 May 2004
SQL Server -- TOP vs ROWCOUNT (a partial explanation)
I learned something new today...I love it when that happens. A friend of mine was trying to figure out how to accomplish something like the following via TSQL (I will use the SQL Server pubs database for simplicity sake): USE pubs GO DECLARE @TOP INT SET @TOP = 20 SELECT TOP @TOP fname, lname FROM employee... Read More...
14 May 2004
Fly Me to the Moon
Let me play...amongst the stars. I wonder if Paul Allen does charity work? I have to wonder what kind of market there will be for something like this seems almost like a rollercoaster for the uber rich. Very interested to see where this concept goes. Read More...
05 May 2004
Mono Beta 1 Unleashed
Mono Beta 1 has been released by Miguel et al. More comments to come as I play around with it. Read More...