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October 2004 - Posts

31 October 2004
Kerry...Err, Green Bay Wins
I normally wouldn't care, but Green Bay defeated Washington 28-14. Why does it matter ? We'll see what happens! Read More...
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31 October 2004
Gmail Security Vulnerability
A pretty important security hole has been found in Google's GMail service. [Update 10/31] This has been fixed by Google. Wow, that was fast (as it most definitely needed to be). Faith (somewhat) restored. Read More...
29 October 2004
Redskins Determine President
I heard an interesting “fact” on Inside the NFL tonight...for the last 16 presidential elections (since 1936 for the mathematically challenged), the winner has been predicted by how the Redskins¬†fared in the game preceeding the election; Redskins win == incumbent stays...Redskins lose ==... Read More...
28 October 2004
Which File Extension Are You?
Which File Extension are You?
28 October 2004
Happy Blogoversary to jayBlog
Wow, has it been a year already? This started out as just a small pet project of mine (didn't switch to .Text until about a month after I started blogging) to see if I could even write a blog-type application. It's addictive though. I've attempted journaling before (never lasted longer than a couple... Read More...
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28 October 2004
Weirdness Abounds in the Ether
Today has been quite a strange day, either there's a ghost in the machine or it's the lunar eclipse ...I don't know. I blogged about Keyhole earlier today; the reason being is that I had a lengthy chat with a colleague of mine about the benefits Keyhole brings to the table for a specific application... Read More...
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27 October 2004
Nasa World Wind -- Great Open Source C# Application
I blogged about Keyhole a while back... Nasa World Wind is a similar Earth mapping type application, with a notable difference: It's open-source and written in C#. I've been playing around with it for about a week now and am very impressed. Make sure you download the add-on packs for 3-d rendering of... Read More...
25 October 2004
Ashlee Simpson Lip-Sync Blunder -- Video
I must have been the last person in the free world to hear about the Ashlee Simpson mix-up on SNL this weekend (I haven't watched SNL since I was a teenager, back when it was somewhat funny). At any rate, I'm a huge fan of pseudo-wannabe pop stars making asses out of themselves, so I set out to find... Read More...
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25 October 2004
Random RSS Thoughts
I wish my online bank account had an RSS feed...that's pretty much the only site I have to physically open a browser for anymore (I realize there are some security implications involved with this). The point is that RSS has made information dispersal/aggregation enormously easy; given a good RSS reader... Read More...
25 October 2004
O'Reilly: The State of Java
An interesting discussion amongst some of the editors over at O'Reilly about what's going on with Java; commentary via is here . Read More...
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