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December 2004 - Posts

29 December 2004
Make Firefox Faster -- Enable HTTP Pipelining
Bob found a great resource for making Firefox faster for broadband users. So why is pipelining disabled by default? Shannon sent me this link explaining some of the caveats involved. I did all the tweaks mentioned except adding the custom " nglayout.initialpaint.delay" key in about:config...I am ok with... Read More...
19 December 2004
The Blog Ate My Homework
Over the years I've grown accustomed to losing saved stuff on my machine...I (usually) have backups, so it's not a big deal. This is one of those rare times when I don't, and one of those rare times when I want to throw my machine out of the window...ok, maybe not the entire machine, but one specific... Read More...
19 December 2004
Trillian -- Version 3 Released
Trillian version 3.0 was released yesterday ( more info here , slashdot picked it up here ). I don't exactly remember when I started using Trillian exclusively as my main messaging client (a few years now), but I know that since I started I haven't looked back. It's also one of those rare pieces of software... Read More...
17 December 2004
Navarro and I See Eye to Eye
I feel like a giddy school girl; I asked Dave Navarro a question and he answered it! I promise not to react like this every time (if indeed he answers any of my other drivel). Click here (question 5): 5. Who are your picks for best drummer (both classic and modern)? Hard one. Classic: Bonham and Moon... Read More...
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17 December 2004
Mozilla Firefox Ad -- Very Cool
Great job on the long awaited New York Times advertisement from Firefox...looks friggin' awesome. I've done my part by downloading and installing it, have you? [Excerpt] From the email I received concerning the announcement: A preview of the ad: The... Read More...
16 December 2004
Dave Navarro Has a Blog -- Incredible
I feel like I'm always late to the party. For those of you taking notes, famed guitarist Dave Navarro has a blog . In case you were living in a cave in the 80's/90's (or have never heard of Jane's Addiction or Red Hot Chili Peppers), here's a brief bio . Like most other celebrity blogs I've come across... Read More...
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15 December 2004
Blockbuster Dropping Late Fees
Per CNNmoney ( full article here ): Blockbuster Inc. announced Tuesday it is abolishing late fees on all its video tapes, DVDs and video games as of Jan. 1. This is another prime example of a brick and mortar store feeling pressure from similar internet based businesses; namely NetFlix . Neither model... Read More...
15 December 2004
How Many Stanford Researchers Does It Take... analyze 5.7 million lines of Linux code and come up with a crock of sh*t? According to this article , 5 researchers...4 years...for a combined total of 20 man/years. What that means is that if I started a line by line analysis of the Linux kernel when I was 6 years old, I would have just recently... Read More...
14 December 2004
Oracle to Acquire PeopleSoft
[Update] More coverage here . From the New York Times : he Oracle Corporation announced early yesterday that it would acquire PeopleSoft for $10.3 billion, ending a bitter takeover fight that had lasted more than 18 months. It's amazing how 10.3 billion can make a company hum a different tune in the... Read More...
12 December 2004
Copy/Paste DDL From SQL Server Ent Mgr
Scott came across a cool trick to get DDL from SQL Server Ent Mgr ( post here ): ... from the Tables listing, hit Ctrl+C on a table name and then go to a text editor and hit Ctrl+V and get the appropriate CREATE TABLE SQL syntax for the “copied” table (which includes constraints)... Gave... Read More...
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