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March 2005 - Posts

31 March 2005
Using an HttpHandler to Forward Requests to a New Domain
One of the hardships of moving to a new domain is intercepting and forwarding traffic from the old domain name over to the new one (without losing any traffic/google ranking/etc). Custom HttpHandlers in .Net make this scenario ridiculously easy to overcome. Pre-.Net, you would have had to roll your own... Read More...
31 March 2005
jayBlog is Moving -- Update Your Links/RSS Feeds to
I am finally ready to flip the switch on and have completed all the necessary dirty work to do so (I think/hope). I am also migrating to Community Server in the process…yes, originally I said that I would not but I changed my mind (might as well get it all done at the same time... Read More...
31 March 2005
Hello From Server 1.0!
It's been a long day, but I have finally moved everything over to (and over to Community Server 1.0). I've written code to automatically forward all HTTP/RSS requests for the old domain to the appropriate page on my new domain (and it's working better than I thought it would; any RSS... Read More...
27 March 2005
Coder Turned Courier (and I don't mean the font)
Here’s a great commentary piece about a coder who got out of cubeland and onto a bike as a courier. Long, but a great read. Besides skiing, cycling is my absolute favorite sport. Unfortunately, I haven’t owned a bike in years…I had a fantastic Cannondale for a while; like an idiot I self-locked it one... Read More...
26 March 2005
Incredible Desktop Shots
Go check out the pictures on this site (requires Flash). Very nice stuff. via Roy Osherove . Read More...
26 March 2005
Gizoogle Yo B to the L to the izog
This really made my morning .
26 March 2005
Managed Palindrome Code -- Update
I’ve refactored my C# palindrome code (yeah, was a little bored) to be even quicker than my previous solution (as well as being a standalon class). I’ve posted my new code here . It does a billion iterations in ~1 minute (2.0ghz proc, 1gig RAM on v1.1 of .Net). Anyone got a quicker algorithm... Read More...
26 March 2005
Adding System Uptime to .Text
Want to show off how long your .Text web server has been up and running (time since the last machine reboot) on your .Text header (in the blog stats section)? Here’s how: Add the following code to your [skin name] \Controls\BlogStats.ascx file: [asp:Literal ID="SystemUptime" Runat = "server" /... Read More...
25 March 2005
Looking for Some New Blogs
What’s the coolest/neatest/most informative blog you read (besides your own of course)? They don’t have to be technical in nature, though of course that’s always nice. Send me your links! For the record, the blogs I can’t live without are (in no particular order): Raymond Chen... Read More...
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25 March 2005
ASP.NET Validation Controls in Firefox
I actually figured this out with Bob a while back, but just to reiterate, the following code can get client side validation controls to work correctly in Firefox (or you can always do server side validation at the expense of postbacks): C# Page.Validate(); if ( !Page.IsValid ) { return ; } //Continue... Read More...
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