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30 May 2005
So Just How Much of .Net is Written in .Net?
Thanks to Bob , it’s 4’ish in the morning and I’m still up. We were having a conversation earlier about how much of the .Net framework (and Visual Studio itself) is actually written in .Net. After 30 minutes of Googling and getting absolutely nowhere, I decided to write my own utility... Read More...
29 May 2005
Hard Drive Already Failing (Ghost in the Machine)?
At around 5:00 PM this evening, my new rig randomly rebooted and I got the dreaded “disk error: press any key to restart” error. Of course I went through this a dozen times just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Mind you this drive is less than 2 weeks old with a brand new install... Read More...
29 May 2005
New DJ Discovery -- Glenn Okada
I heard Glenn Okada’s “Lost in Translation” set on DI recently, an amazing progressive house mix…after some googling I found his website where, lo and behold, you can download a few full mix sets (including the afore mentioned one). I love it when DJ’s put out free promos! Any proghouse afficianados... Read More...
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28 May 2005
Don't Play Doom 3. At Night. Especially With Headphones.
Now that I’ve got my rippin’ new machine built, it’s time to get back into game mode…went down to the local Media Play yesterday and picked up Doom 3 (and was going to purchase HalfLife 2, unfortunately they were out) as well as the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack. As far... Read More...
28 May 2005
Community Server Version 1.1 RC1 Released
The good folks over at Telligent have released the first release candidate of version 1.1 for Community Server , read about the release here . I’ll post a link to a dummy site within the next couple of days. If you’ve paid any attention to the CS forums, you know this release promises to... Read More...
26 May 2005
Tips for Administering IIS6 from a Remote Machine (and Creating Custom Run Commands)
I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while, this has been a huge help to me though it took me a while to figure it out. As a web developer, I (logically) use the IIS MMC snap-in quite a bit to administer websites; something I always found frustrating is that you can’t connect to an... Read More...
26 May 2005
Browse the Community Server Source Tree Online
If you’d like to browse the Community Server source tree without downloading the code/setting up IIS/etc, visit this link (thanks Scott!)…it’s a great web based utility for browsing both the 1.0 & 1.1 trees (color coding, line numbers…though it’s not hyperlinked (yet)). It’s very well worth browsing... Read More...
25 May 2005
Porsche Cayman Photos on Porsche Website...Finally
I posted earlier about the hot new car coming out of Porsche…I also mentioned the lack of pictures. Earlier today, Porsche finally posted some “official” pictures… check ‘em out here . Pricing information hasn’t been released yet; all I (need to) know is that it’s... Read More...
24 May 2005
It's That Time of the Year...Again
Today I begin my 28th trip around the sun…for those of you who can’t add, that means I am 27 years old as of today…happy birthday to me! Not incredibly thrilled about entering my “late 20’s”, but I’m sure I’ll make the best of it. Here’s to hoping this year is the best yet; I would expect nothing less... Read More...
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23 May 2005
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou -- Great Movie
I picked up “ The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou ” and watched it this weekend…what a great flick! Wes Anderson has done it again, and I’m proud to shelve this movie next to one of his other great titles, “ The Royal Tenenbaums ”. The movies are eerily similar in... Read More...
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