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September 2005 - Posts

29 September 2005
Porsche Cayman Specs (and Build Your Own) on Porsche Website
I posted earlier about Porsche’s intentions of releasing a new model by the beginning of next year…well, they’ve done just that. The new Cayman now has its own page on their website , and you can build your own model (the internet equivalent of window shopping for me). This release is kind of backwards... Read More...
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29 September 2005
Cyrus Explains the Var Type in C# 3.0
Cyrus has a good post explaining the new var data type in C# 3.0 (which debuted in the LINQ demonstrations). At this point it doesn’t seem more than some syntactic sugar to save the amount of keystrokes needed for complex local variable declarations…anyone coming from a VB “classic”... Read More...
28 September 2005
Huge Firefox Gripe -- Duplicating a Firefox Installation
My new local domain is about 90% up and running, one of the last things I had left to do (add my laptop to the domain) I did earlier today; I didn’t care about my user settings on my other machines but needed to preserve those settings on my laptop…I’m still amazed at what a total pain in the ass it... Read More...
25 September 2005
New Version of Google Toolbar for Firefox Breaks Autocomplete
I posted earlier about losing autocomplete after a recent round of upgrades to Firefox; it turns out it wasn’t the upgrade to 1.0.7 itself, but an updated version of the Google Toolbar for Firefox …on a hunch I removed that extension, restarted Firefox, and voila…autocomplete works... Read More...
24 September 2005
Firefox 1.0.7 Disables Autocomplete?
I really hope I’m missing something simple here, but after updating to Firefox 1.0.7 the autocomplete feature of Firefox seems to not be working…and I mean all of it; the Google search bar, all fields on sites I’ve visited…nothing is autocompleting. There is simply no way this was done on purpose…that... Read More...
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21 September 2005
The Fat Lady Sings...Opera is Now Free
Check it out here …the Opera web browser is now free (as in beer). Read More...
20 September 2005
Links to Individual WinFX Technology Homepages
This is more or less going to be a bookmarking page for me for quick reference (it will be updated whenever I feel like it). Technology Homepages Windows Workflow Foundation — Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) — http://msdn... Read More...
20 September 2005
Anders Hejlsberg Demos LINQ
Channel 9 has a video up of Anders Hejlsberg (distinguished engineer and chief architect on the C# team) demo’ing LINQ . A big giant lightbulb went off in my head about halfway through the video, and like a good suspense movie I actually started to fill in the blanks a few seconds before Anders... Read More...
20 September 2005
Internet Explorer 7 on Windows 2003
Bob has figured out how to get Internet Explorer 7 installed on Windows 2003… read about it here . I still can’t stand the huge tabs, for some reason when I click on the tab I expect it to be an address bar and I start typing an address. I think that would be kind of cool actually, if each... Read More...
19 September 2005
This year’s PDC has been pretty incredible…I am up to my ears in blog posts/channel 9 videos/whitepapers/webcasts; there is simply no way I am going to be able to wade through it all anytime soon. Combine that with the impending releases of .Net 2.0/Asp.Net 2.0 and SQL Server 2005, and I think that we... Read More...
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