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October 2005 - Posts

31 October 2005
Dell Inspiron 9300 -- I'm Selling My Laptop
[Update] I'm was on eBay for all of 2 hours and it already sold for my Buy it Now price. [/Update] Not that any of you guys would be interested, but I’m selling my laptop . It’s just too big and clunky for business use, though it’s a really nice laptop. At the time I bought it, I needed a... Read More...
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31 October 2005
I Am Not a Spaghetti Coder
Though I’m the first to admit that I used to be back in the good ol’ VB6/ASP days. We all have to start somewhere right? When .Net came out 5 years ago it forced us all to rethink how we code; .Net 2.0 is going to further reinforce this mantra, which is a good thing. Here are some of the things I try... Read More...
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31 October 2005
Half-Life 2 -- Lost Coast Demo
From The Lost Coast is essentially just a technology demo that is showcasing the new technology that they're building into the Source engine. We've all heard of it before, it's a thing called High Dynamic Range rendering (or HDR, if you're lazy). Here's a really technical detail into what... Read More...
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29 October 2005
Surreal Streams -- 40 Hours of Non-stop Sasha and Digweed Mixes
I’m queueing up 30 of my favorite Sasha and Digweed mixes to get us through the weekend (and the work week for that matter). Stop in and have a listen @ , there are some real gems in these mixes! Playlist is @ (browseamp/browseamp... Read More...
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28 October 2005
Two Years and Still Going
Today marks two years since I started down this whole blogging path thing, and what a couple of years it’s been: Two domain name changes. Three site overhauls (rolled my own, moved to .Text, and now the current incarnation known as Community Server). This site has been hosted on no less than 5... Read More...
27 October 2005
Using an XmlDocument Returned from a WebService
Sir Google was kind to me tonight . In a web service I’m working on, I’m returning a relatively simple xml stream to the calling client (in this case, of type System.Xml.XmlDocument). I got it all figured out/debugged, built a test client to test it, and promptly realized that the client... Read More...
26 October 2005
BrowseAMP -- Remotely Control Your WinAmp Music Streams
I’ve posted before about a tool to remotely control WinAmp (in my case I’m usually at my laptop, WinAmp runs on my main rig…you know, the one with decent speakers)…that tool quickly outserved its usefulness as it was LAN only. I even emailed the guy who wrote it begging for... Read More...
25 October 2005
Jayson on the Merits of Ergonomics
Haacked reminds me of a post I’ve been meaning to throw on my site for a while now. I’m not complaining (after all, I took this career choice knowing that it would entail a shitload of typing), but my fingers really hurt lately. On my right hand, my fore/middle fingers tingle quite a bit... Read More...
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23 October 2005
Surreal Streams -- It's a Goa Sunday
Tune in to my live stream @ for a Sunday goa-fest…nonstop goa tracks all day long. I’m still working on the WMP issues that have been reported, and will have a stream up for the weenies who refuse to download an AAC+ capable player (such as WinAmp…come... Read More...
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21 October 2005
So What's New at
Anyone who’s read this site for any amount of time should know that I’m a huge fan of music, namely electronica. I literally listen to music all day, every day. So something I’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks is getting a streaming music server up and running so that you , the loyal JaysonKnight... Read More...
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