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November 2005 - Posts

30 November 2005
Firefox 1.5 Released Into the Wild
As has been posted forwards, backwards, and all over the web, Firefox 1.5 has been released to the general public (notice there is also a new website for Firefox and Thunderbird). I haven’t decided if I’m going to upgrade yet due to the fact that I had major issues with the 1.5 RC3 release... Read More...
29 November 2005
Click the Red Tab, Click the Blue Tab
This is my favorite Firefox extension du jour . The author says he lifted the idea from OneNote …that being said, I’d love to see Microsoft incorporate this idea into other applications that use tabs (Visual Studio?)…after just a couple hours of using it and I’m hooked on the concept; we are visually... Read More...
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28 November 2005
Looking for Some Definitive SQLCMD.EXE Resources
Does anyone know of a good hard core SQLCMD (not the ADO.Net object, the OSQL replacement that ships with SQL Server 2005) reference? The SQL Books Online documentation for this new tool is terrible, and Google isn’t turning up much more than basic primers. I’m looking for a hard core top... Read More...
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27 November 2005
List of Google Services
I was actually in the process of compiling my own list of Google’s ever growing portfolio of services, but it looks like there’s already a list out there . Well done. Read More...
26 November 2005
Surreal Streams -- A Low Key Blend
This week’s Surreal Streams mix will be a blend of some of my favorite low key/get in the groove tracks, with tunes from the following artists: Air . Boards of Canada . Brian Eno . DJ Food . GusGus . Orbital . Placebo . Propellerheads . Snake River Conspiracy . Squarepusher . Tosca (those guys are now... Read More...
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26 November 2005
Looking for a Flash Guru
I have a small project I’m spearheading with a local fashion design company and am in need of a Flash (or Shockwave) developer for a concept we’re working on. The premise is simple enough: We need to create an eBrochure that will get mailed out on CD/DVD to an existing mailing list (it will... Read More...
24 November 2005
Office 12 Beta 1 -- First Impressions
That’s right, I have Office 12 Beta 1 (it’s not too hard to find out in the wild, ping me if you want details as to where to get it). The upgrade from Office 2003 went smoothly enough, and so far I haven’t run into any issues besides Outlook using upwards of 400 megabytes of memory... Read More...
24 November 2005
Has Microsoft screwed up with VS 2005, or is it a perception problem? (Via ISerializable)
Has Microsoft screwed up with VS 2005, or is it a perception problem? Some thoughts. "Every single version of Windows, Office, and Visual Studio (and any other product of similar size, for that matter) has shipped with bugs of the magnitude that people are reporting in VS2005. So why are we suddenly... Read More...
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24 November 2005
Bring on the Tryptophan
Yeah, it’s turkey day here in the states…I personally don’t care much for turkey and usually pop a couple of cornish game hens in the oven with the following simple (but tasty) recipe: Two cornish game hens. In a small bowl, mix together a few tablespoons of spicy Grey Poupon mustard, some worcestershire... Read More...
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22 November 2005
Upgrade to Firefox 1.5 RC3? I Recommend Waiting...
I gave the new Firefox 1.5 RC3 release a test drive over the weekend…it was one of the shortest test drives in history though and lasted long enough for me to find the Firefox 1.0.7 download to revert to the previous version (which worked flawlessly amazingly enough…try doing that with... Read More...
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