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24 May 2007
And Then There Were 29
Today marks the beginning of my 30th trip around the sun (I'm 29 for any math challenged folks). Just so everyone knows, I plan on staying 29 for a few years, so we won't be celebrating next year this time. This birthday will be low key...eating at a local Greek restaurant with friends and family... Read More...
24 May 2007
A General Generics Question -- Don't Fight The Compiler
I've got a pretty firm grasp on generics such as when to use them, why they are useful, etc. I'm with the rest of the .Net camp when I echo how extremely useful they are. I've also learned that if you're fighting the compiler on generics for more than a few minutes, there is a reason... Read More...
22 May 2007
I'm Not In Seattle...Not Yet At Least
I've had a few readers ask me how the new gig is going, how's Seattle, etc. While I'm not exactly trying to stay hidden (making the occasional post over on, and a few Twitters here and there) I've definitely been lower profile than usual. I'm actually not in Seattle yet. The... Read More...
01 May 2007
Initial Premier Field Engineer Training -- Off To Seattle Soon
So things appear to be rolling forward nicely as far as getting started with my new gig over at Microsoft. I'll be flying out to Seattle on May 6th for the 3 weeks of training that all Premier Field Engineers (PFE's) go through. Most of the training will be at Microsoft's Sammamish campus... Read More...