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June 2007 - Posts

30 June 2007
Three Things About Software I Didn't Learn In College
Scott Hanselman recently put out an interesting request for folks to post about three things they've learned about software either in college, out of college, or both. Seeing as I only took one programming class in college (C++ 101), this post will cater to his request of "I'm especially... Read More...
23 June 2007
This Could Only Happen In North Carolina
A while back, the story about inhaleable alcohol broke over the internet (I can't find the specific link, but this was announced several years ago in 2004). Fast forward to today, and there's an article floating around stating the machines have been banned in my home state of North Carolina ... Read More...
17 June 2007
Syntax For Generic Type Declarations In Type Elements
I was recently working on implementing a provider based design for a project I'm working on which also happens to make heavy use of generics throughout the provider architecture. The signature of the type to be used in the <providers> section of the config file is MyType<T, V>, however... Read More...
16 June 2007
Congratulations To Eric And Leigh
This past Thursday, one of my best friends (a local artist, check out the cuffs he makes by hand) tied the knot to his beautiful bride Leigh in one of the most memorable weddings I've been to lately. He's one of the 'core' crew, and even though we've lost touch a little over the past... Read More...
07 June 2007
What If You Built A Browser, But No One Used It?
Through my daily reading of tech news, I came across this dandy: Netscape Navigator 9 Beta released . Wait a second, you mean to tell me that Netscape A) even still exists and B) is still releasing new versions of Navigator? Until reading that headline today, Netscape had ceased to exist in my mind.... Read More...