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July 2007 - Posts

31 July 2007
MSDN Event In Charlotte – Silverlight, LINQ and WCF
Microsoft is having an MSDN event here in Charlotte on the 16th of August with topics on Silverlight, LINQ and WCF, all of which are pretty exciting technologies coming down the pipe for the Visual Studio 2008/.Net Framework 3.5 release later this year. I know I'm pretty excited about them! Our group... Read More...
14 July 2007
Starting A New Job On Monday (7/16)
It has been a very interesting 2 months since my last job related post ; in a nutshell I am not in Seattle and I was not able to take the position with Microsoft that I've been talking about. I have an entirely separate post that I'm working on which goes into more detail as to exactly what happened... Read More...
06 July 2007
Pownce: Quite A Disappointment (And Other Thoughts)
Pownce was recently launched (I'm here for anyone wanting to 'friend' me, though I don't see myself being too active in the near future, plus good luck getting the site to actually come up) as a so-called ' Twitter killer'...I'll sum the Pownce experience up in a nutshell... Read More...
01 July 2007
For All The Massive Attack Fans Out There
I'm sure there has to be a couple of Massive Attack fans who visit this site, and if you're not (or have never heard of them) it's never too late to give them a shot. They helped pioneer the trip hop movement which set the stage for many later bands to follow ( Portishead comes to mind, among... Read More...