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September 2007 - Posts

26 September 2007
Dynamically Inject Validation Controls From A Base ASP.NET Page
I've been out of work this week sick (which really sucks...I don't do very well with idle time, plus I haven't been sick enough to miss work in many years), so what better time to catch up on some blogging. We had an interesting scenario at work recently whereby we needed to dynamically attach... Read More...
11 September 2007
Bought A Condo -- Celadon Greenway
We've bought a condo! Actually, we put a deposit down on it a few months ago, but things were a little dicey after the Microsoft shake up . Everything has leveled off, i.e. the new job is going swimmingly and we're forging ahead. There is one issue with our new purchase: They haven't been... Read More...
08 September 2007
Machine Preparations For Overclocking
My main workstation is getting on up there in's about 27 months old, though the video card and processor were both upgraded within the past 6 months. I'm not really in the mood to wrangle together a completely new machine, so I've decided to go the overclocking route to try and eek... Read More...
07 September 2007
So That's How The eSata Drives Generate Revenue Money
My new eSata drive arrived today...Newegg was having a special, so I got 320 gigs for 80 bucks. You can't beat that, save for one thing: It didn't come with an eSata cable. Price of said cable? 20 bucks , and it has to be ordered seeing as no one in a brick and mortar around here carries them... Read More...