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January 2013 - Posts

28 January 2013
Why Are Modern Browsers Such Memory Hogs? A Short Primer on Processes, DLL's, and Threads
I normally don't like to participate in the so called "browser wars" and that is not the intention of this post. But, I feel that the title poses a legitimate question: What is going on with modern browsers sucking down memory like tequila shots these days? As a web developer, I have a... Read More...
23 January 2013
On Microsoft and Backwards Compatibility: Windows 8 (and How to Make it More Usable)
Note; If you don't feel like reading this entire post, at least read this: Start8 from Stardock Corp (30 day free trial, 5 bucks after that, and well worth it IMO): Get your start button back, disable hotspots, and boot directly to the desktop with that utility. Otherwise, read on. This post is not... Read More...
22 January 2013
New Web Languages and Frameworks (and a Brief History of Web Programming): Pt. 1
Software development has changed so much since I first got into the business over a decade ago, and lately, sometimes I feel like I’m becoming that 50 year old dinosaur who sits in the corner mumbling to himself about “the old days” of programming and how all the new technologies are... Read More...
18 January 2013
How To: Compile ISO C ‘99 Code in Visual Studio
This will be short how to on how to get ISO C ‘99 code to compile in Visual Studio 200x (in this case, Visual Studio 2012), since Microsoft only supports ANSI C ‘89 (and barely at that). Microsoft have made it very clear that they will not support C99 , and instead urges users to move to... Read More...